Rare & Special BMW's

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Registry #39 Owner : Jim and Connor

Year/Model : 1988 E30 M3 (VIN # : )

Update on February 2022: Winning first place at the Colorado Concours d’ Elegance for the second time since the restoration.  Congrats Jim and Connor!!!! About this restoration : Jim and Connor 1988 BMW E30 M3 Story There are few things that can bond a father and son together like a special car. A car that becomes a

1958 BMW 503 – The Countess

Registry #32 Owner : Karra

Year/Model : 1958 503 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : It all started with a random phone call, an inquiry if you will. A fellow had found a 503 Cabriolet in a barn in Ohio and wanted an idea of what would be involved in restoring the car. However, his many attempts to buy it failed as he and the seller

1965 BMW 1800 Ti/SA

Registry # Owner : Lance

Year/Model : 1965 BMW 1800 Ti/SA (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Only 200 made and all as factory race cars! It took five years of searching to find this donor and then we restored her to better-than-new condition. She is probably the finest example in the world and has won first place in every Concours she has been entered. She has run


Registry # Owner : Kevin

Year/Model : 1965 BMW 3200CS Coupe (VIN # : )

About this restoration : We built th is car some time ago (after rescuing her from a junk yard) and she has won first place in every Concours she has been entered in. This example is probably the finest in the world and is very rare as only 603 were made. This beautiful piece of


Registry # Owner : Karra

Year/Model : 1938 327 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : BARN FIND – NOT SEEN IN 40 YEARS We found this 1938 BMW 327 buried in a barn in Ohio. This rare car is the most beautiful of all pre-war BMWs. It’s restoration is scheduled to begin in the near future.

BMW 507

Registry #16P Owner : Otto

Year/Model : 1958 507 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Born and raised in Germany, Otto has a deep passion for BMWs. He has more than a few and bought his 507 over 40 years ago with Corvette engine power. Having raised three sons on the East Coast he always had a desire to share his cars with his boys. He

Estate Wagon

Registry #29 Owner : David

Year/Model : 1974 3.0Si Estate Wagon (VIN # : )

About this restoration : David from England has requested we bring this rare BMW Estate Wagon back to it’s former stature. It was being restored by a shop in England for many years when David pulled the project away from them because he was not happy with the quality, nor the length of time that


Registry # Owner : Brian

Year/Model : 1995 M3 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : The E36, 3 series “Leichtgewichts” is an interesting story and an even more interesting car. When Erik Wensberg was handling the Motorsport efforts for BMW NA and shortly after PTG started racing the E36 chassis, Erik convinced the folks in Munich to make a small run of special “Lightweight” cars for

Mille Miglia Special

Registry #35 Owner : Stephan

Year/Model : 1935 315 Chassis with One Off Body (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Stephan found this rare old race car in Belgium and asked us to have it brought back to our shop for a complete restoration. It was built during World War II as a covert operation in a small garage by the mechanic and the driver who funded the project. Both planned

Red 503 Cabriolet

Registry #28 Owner : Don

Year/Model : 1956 BMW 503 Cabriolet (VIN # : )

About this restoration : One of a mere 139 cabriolets built, this 503 offers 140 hp, 3168 cc overhead valve alloy block and head V-8 engine with twin Zenith carburetors, BMW 507 four-speed manual floor-shift transmission, independent front suspension via upper and lower A-arms and live axle rear suspension with torsion bars, and four-wheel hydraulic

Red E30

Registry # Owner : John

Year/Model : 1988 M3 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : John has a true passion for BMWs. After parting with his 1974 BMW 3.0CSL a short while ago, he was in need of filling the seemingly ever-expanding void that was left. After many months of hunting around, a package deal crossed John’s path. He was offered an E30 M3, and a

BMW M1 Art Project

Registry # Owner : Stephan

Year/Model : BMW M1 (VIN # : )

Our customer loves BMW M1s.  He has had us restore and maintain quite a few of them for him.  When he ran across the smashed one online, he asked us if he should buy it.  After some discussion, he made the choice to buy it, and asked us to store it for him and maybe


Registry #40 Owner : JAY

Year/Model : 1974 BMW 2002TII (VIN # : )

About this restoration :  When Jay approached us for this project and discussed what he was interested in, we knew we had a long road ahead of us, having done these modifications before on various projects. Jay asked us to create for him, the legendary M2 conversion. This creation would require taking the S14 motor


Registry # Owner : KARRA

Year/Model : 1935 315/1 Roadster (VIN # : )

JOE’S 507

Registry # Owner : JOE

Year/Model : 1959 BMW 507 (VIN # : )

Schwarz M5

Registry #44 Owner : Stephan

Year/Model : 1988 BMW M5 (VIN # : )


Registry # Owner : Andy

Year/Model : 1936 BMW 319 (VIN # : )

Norwegian 1600ti

Registry #47 Owner :

Year/Model : 1968/BMW 1600ti (VIN # : )

Carroll’s 327

Registry #45P Owner : Carroll

Year/Model : 1940 BMW 327 (VIN # : )


1965 BMW Ti/SA

Registry #48 Owner : Brian

Year/Model : 1965/BMW 1800 Ti/SA (VIN # : )

“My Brother’s Car”

Registry #52 Owner : Peter

Year/Model : 1972 BMW 2002 Touring (VIN # : )

A few years ago, we received an email from a customer that contained a photo of a BMW tii Touring that had been taken at an event of some kind.  The car was Red, not the factory color red, and had a Washington state license plate that was covering a Euro long plate.  You could