Restoration & Preservation


We know that when we restore a car, we're restoring a part of you. If it's a 100-point show car you're after, or the opportunity to remake an adored model from your past, we take great care to bring your vision to life while helping you re-write history.

Whether you're searching for the project of your dreams or have a classic in the garage that's ready for new life, The Werk Shop is the ultimate resource for building complete or partial restorations. Throughout the process, we keep you well informed and invite you to visit at key milestones.

Our technicians are more than professionals – they're perfectionists who are passionate about every new project we take on. It takes a unique skill set to meticulously repair, maintain and restore the classics. Our team is dedicated to the process and to delivering the unparalleled craftsmanship and service our reputation was built on.

Elegance.Historical Accuracy.Excellence.

The Werk Shop has been restoring BMWs for over 20 years and is recognized as one of the premier restoration and preservation facilities in the world.

Please visit the registry of restorations to see examples of our work.

The Process

We build show class cars as well as street or track versions. Whether your project is in need of a complete or partial restoration, the journey begins the same – with a discovery dialogue to understand your expectations. We create our "build sheet" based on those conversations, ensuring the end result is exactly what you envision.

Complete Restoration
When performing a complete restoration, we take the car apart down to the last nut and bolt. No two pieces stay together. The "shell" is then sent to the paint shop while we work on all of the mechanical components. Each piece of the car is evaluated for serviceability. If in good shape - or in need of a slight repair - we remove its existing finish, make the necessary repairs and re-finish each and every part to original factory specs. Where replacement of the part is necessary, we hunt our worldwide contacts for the correct replacement. We disassemble the engine and other major components and rebuild them to high quality specifications using original factory parts, then detail each part to achieve a "better than new" factory look. We add a contrasting look to our reassembly by using all new, cad plated nuts and bolts, and we even cad plate many of your existing metal parts.

Our two-stage paint process results in a stunning high gloss finish. Our interiors can be factory stock or custom designed to your liking, all managed in-house by our expert upholsterer. The entire process takes 9-12 months and when complete, the result is a car that exceeds your expectations on every level – from the way it looks to the way it drives.

Partial Restoration
In the case of partial restorations, we take a preservationist approach - focusing only on the areas that require repair or replacement and keeping every part that is still serviceable. The project usually includes metal work to eliminate rusted areas, new paint and some interior work. We may rebuild the engine in-house or save expense by using a factory re-man (crate) motor. This is a highly specialized process of meticulously evaluating your vehicle against your expectations and budget to achieve the desired results.