Other Classics

1956 Speedster

Registry #38 Owner : Jeff

Year/Model : 1956 Porsche (VIN # : )

Jeff is a car guy. After reading David E. Davis article “Turn Your Hymnals to 2002” he bought a new 2002tii in Germany, drove it around Europe, and shipped it back home. He kept that car forever, even after it stopped running and had collected rust, he parked it in his backyard for several years.

1974 Porsche 911 S

Registry # Owner : Barry

Year/Model : 1974 911 S (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Barry came to us with a specific goal in mind; he wanted us to resurrect his 911. The restoration of his Porsche was no easy task. He wanted it changed from red to blue, and completely redo the interior. Barry was consulting in our area from time to time, and would

Alfa – Giulietta

Registry # Owner : David

Year/Model : 1963 Alfa Romeo - Giulietta (VIN # : )

About this restoration : David has an Audi that he brings to us for service and repair. One day, he asks us if we can work on his Alfa. One of our technicians happens to have extensive knowledge with Alfas, and we agreed to take a look at it for him. After performing our evaluation,

OLDS 442

Registry # Owner : Essam

Year/Model : 1969 OLDS 442 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : As a specialty German auto shop, this was a very different project for us. Essam had a 2002 project in our shop when he bought this Olds 442 on EBay and asked us to pick it up and see what we could do with it. While the car was in nice


Registry # Owner : Neil

Year/Model : 1949 Veritas C90 Sport Coupe (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Neil asked us to make this extraordinary vehicle safe and dependable for touring. We have done extensive work to its suspension, steering, engine electronics, cooling system, carburetors, and exhaust, as well as many other components and systems. Once completed, Neil had the car he was looking for, and has since been


Registry # Owner : Rick

Year/Model : 1953/Ford F100 (VIN # : )

Ric brought us this F100 to do an overall safety check, as he bought it from someone who did all of the work in his home garage.  The frame was modified to accept a different front and rear suspension, he swapped in a 5.0L coyote and MT82 transmission out of a wrecked 2015 Mustang GT. 

1955 Gullwing

Registry # Owner :

Year/Model : 1955/Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing (VIN # : )


Registry # Owner : KARRA

Year/Model : 1935 315/1 Roadster (VIN # : )

1969 Bronco

Registry # Owner : Eric

Year/Model : 1969 Ford Bronco (VIN # : )

Ric has brought numerous Porsches and other German cars to The Werk Shop for years. He approached us about getting the motor running right and fixing some electrical issues on a 1969 Ford Bronco that he picked up from a rancher in Texas. During the initial evaluation, we determined the motor needed further attention. Once

1965 BMW Ti/SA

Registry #48 Owner : Brian

Year/Model : 1965/BMW 1800 Ti/SA (VIN # : )