Owner : Rick

Year/Model : 1953/Ford F100 (VIN # : )

Ric brought us this F100 to do an overall safety check, as he bought it from someone who did all of the work in his home garage.  The frame was modified to accept a different front and rear suspension, he swapped in a 5.0L coyote and MT82 transmission out of a wrecked 2015 Mustang GT.  Additionally, he installed a lot of the Mustang GT wiring, fuel system, and cluster.  After spending a few hours, we deemed the vehicle absolutely unsafe to drive.  After reviewing everything with Ric, we opted to install a new performance chassis, bumping the horsepower, but remaining naturally aspirated, installing a new wiring harness, replaced the fuel system, and capped it off with some nice wide wheels/tires.  We did some extensive rust repairs, but wanted to leave the body in the current state to maintain the Patina.  To stick with the theme, we cut up a 55-gallon drum to make the transmission tunnel, then applied rust inhibitor, and a bed-liner on the inside and underside to help prevent further rust damage.  Overall, the truck turned out great, and exactly how Ric wanted it.  It runs extremely well, and you can hear it from the other side of town.