Henry the 2nd

Registry #13 Owner : Bob

Year/Model : 1974 2002 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Bob writes: I received this 1974, 2002 in 1984 as a gift from my parents when I was a senior in High School. This 02 took me to College, then to my first job after college in south Florida. It was a daily driver until the mid 90’s when I got


Registry #33P Owner : Jim

Year/Model : 1972 2002tii (VIN # : )

This restoration’s story will be coming soon…


Registry #14 Owner : Chuck Lonsdale

Year/Model : 1972 BMW 2002tii (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Chuck had read about 02’s and in 1972 checked them out at his local BMW dealer. He liked the new Fjord Blue car he had seen but while he was thinking about it, the car was sold to an elderly couple. Six months later the salesman called him, the elderly couple

Mike’s 1974 2002tii

Registry #25P Owner : Mike

Year/Model : 1974 2002tii (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Mike writes: “I made a very impulsive purchase with my 2002, buying a “rust-free”, “mechanically sound” car sight unseen. The issues started on the way home, when the gas pedal seperated from the floor… it was then that I realized that the car I had was far from the one I

Red 2002 For David

Registry #33 Owner : David

Year/Model : 1972 2002 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : David’s 1972, 2002 has been in his family since his dad bought it in 1974 to use as a daily driver. In 1982 his dad passed it down to him as his first car. He drove it until 1995 when he placed the car in storage, knowing one day he would


Registry #31P Owner : John

Year/Model : 1974 2002 tii (VIN # : )

About this restoration : See John traversing back to the hillside of Texas driving Sputter.

Aqua Turtle

Registry #10P Owner : Brian

Year/Model : 1975 BMW 3.0 CSi (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Brian’s father had a passion for BMWs and Porsche’s. After selling a 911 SC Targa, he bought this 3.0CS Coupe in 1991 with the intention of restoring it, unfortunately, he passed away before the project could begin. Brian and his brother inherited the car after it had been sitting on a

Chris’ Coupe

Registry #30 Owner : Chris

Year/Model : 1974 BMW 3.0 CS (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Maybe the most beautiful BMW ever designed, Chris plans on having this beauty restored to perfection. Chris writes: There have been two cars from BMW that have been my dream to own since I can recall. The first is a 2002tii; I owned a 2002 in college but I always wanted

City coupe

Registry #9P Owner : Jamie

Year/Model : 1973 3.0 CS (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Update: I entered the 3.0 in the Hamptons car show this past weekend and it won first place in the coupe&cab class. It beat the XK140 you can see in the background which was in mint condition!! The car was the buzz of the show. People LOVED it and all commented

Nick’s 3.0CS Coupe

Registry #21P Owner : Nick

Year/Model : 1972 3.0CS (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Ok first off, I have to say nothing could have prepared me for actually getting the car on the road and really driving it. You guys were right, the engine has constant torque, no matter the gear, which is just rare. It’s not pushing me to the back of the seat,