Nick’s 3.0CS Coupe

Owner : Nick

Year/Model : 1972 3.0CS (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Ok first off, I have to say nothing could have prepared me for actually getting the car on the road and really driving it. You guys were right, the engine has constant torque, no matter the gear, which is just rare. It’s not pushing me to the back of the seat, herky jerky torque….which is nice. Just the sound of the engine is raw, but refined in a way. I love the smell, mixture of old and new materials. And the open feel of the cabin, tons of glass, minimal pillars, no blind spots, I feel like I can see everything. To think about the engineers and designers refining this car to what it is, mostly in a mechanical way… minimal electronic controls, it’s amazing! So thanks for giving me this opportunity…I think a few hundred miles were put on already giving family and friends rides around the burbs last night. And it def caught the eye of the northbrook police dept….