Mike’s 1974 2002tii

Owner : Mike

Year/Model : 1974 2002tii (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Mike writes: “I made a very impulsive purchase with my 2002, buying a “rust-free”, “mechanically sound” car sight unseen. The issues started on the way home, when the gas pedal seperated from the floor… it was then that I realized that the car I had was far from the one I thought I purchased. Buyers remorse would be an understatement, and after coming to terms with my situation, I set out to find someone who could make the car right. After much research and debate, I decided to send the car to the Werk Shop. While there were others that claimed they’d rebuild the car for less, I wanted to deal with a company that had a reputation for delivering an excellent finished product. Today, every time I look at the car it brings a smile to my face, and driving it makes it even broader. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a mild winter so far, and my 4 year old and I have been enjoying the car as much as possible. The only downside is that every time I stop for gas someone wants to talk about the car! Thanks for turning my first 2002 experience into a positive one.”