Owner : Steve

Year/Model : 1973 2002 (VIN # : )

About this restoration : Steve had been riding 2 wheel BMWs for years before buying his first 2002 in the late eighties. That clean, low mileage, Verona red ’74 was sold soon after his 3rd child was born; it could not accommodate the family of five, and Mom didn’t like being left at home so often! In September ’03, Steve obtained this project car from a friend who needed room in his garage. His initial thought was to do enough repairs to get it on the road, but he kept looking at pictures of that first BMW car he had owned. After meeting Don and touring The Werk Shop, a full restoration was scheduled. Steve’s sentiments are captured in the following excerpt from an e-mail sent to Don shortly after receiving the finished car:

“Thank you for the outstanding restoration job on Renata. She arrived in the rain on Saturday, so we dried her off and tucked her away for the night. Yesterday was a glorious day; Matt and I took a ride up into Lancaster County, PA. >From there, we visited several friends’ homes. Everyone was very impressed with the finished product, most particularly Mike, the former owner of the car. I sold my other 2002 soon after Matt was born nearly 14 years ago and had forgotten how much fun these cars can be. We finally arrived home at 7:30 last night with 150 miles on the clock and huge grins on our faces. Spectacular!

Getting a ’73 BMW 2002 from a buddy – FREE

Having The Werk Shop restore the car top to bottom – COSTLY

Bonding with my son on a beautiful Fall day, while driving a virtually brand new ’73 2002 and listening to The Beatles – PRICELESS!”