Otto Uber Auto

Owner : Caroline

Year/Model : 1972/BMW 2002tii (VIN # : )


About this restoration:

For many years I was an admirer of 2002’s, so I decided to purchase a ’72 2002tii (Otto Über Auto) 25 years ago from a BMW enthusiast in Boston. Otto was a pleasure to drive and my primary car for five years. However, after moving to Chicago in 2001, I found it simpler and less costly to use mass transportation to navigate the city.

Having become quite attached to Otto, I was reluctant to sell the car. A friend offered to store Otto in her family’s barn in Michigan. I had intended to visit Otto frequently to ensure he was regularly driven, but instead the car sat neglected for 14 years until the Werk Shop brought him back to life! I am so grateful that Mike’s team was able to restore Otto so that he is truly an ÜBER auto once again.