Owner : GREG

Year/Model : 1971 BMW 2800 (VIN # : )

I’m writing to let you know that we are thrilled with the restoration of our 2800CS. From the moment we took her off the trailer, we couldn’t stop driving her. As you know we were particularly fortunate to have worked with your team in the shop who employed precision, exactitude and excellence in delivering a product that is a shining and superior example of the Coupes original glory.
The Coupe started out as my daily driver and went to the train station with me every day as well as the airport a few times a month (sun, rain or snow – she went). This continued on for eight years until a couple of years ago the rust started to telegraph through the paint leaving us with two options. Sell her or restore her, and since it was also the weekend ice-cream car we had no choice but to restore her. She simply carried too many family memories.
While it’s a given that many shops can likely produce acceptable body and interior work, the work performed by your team went well beyond the standard of care that a typical restoration experience may have provided. The rebuilt engine with its high compression piano top pistons is silky smooth and pulls as if to taunt the driver to release more of its potential. The suspension and stance are both athletic and well behaved. Rowing through the gears, while approaching red-line, is delightful and confidence inspiring while the brakes effortlessly scrub off speed when asked. It’s 1971 meets 2017 in a pristine package from the past! By our definition the car is a “driver” not a “garage-queen” though it’s hard to park anywhere without having to stop and accept praise and accolades. The truth is, I find it more fun to drive than to talk about. Thanks again for an excellent experience and a fabulous car! As much as I would like to keep writing, we’re taking off for some ice-cream.
Yours in grease and gas,
Greg B.