3.0CSi Coupe

Registry # Owner : Andy

Year/Model : 1973 3.0CSi (VIN # : )

This restoration’s story will be coming soon…

Scott 3.0 CSL Batmobile

Registry # Owner : Scott

Year/Model : 1973 3.0 CSL Batmobile (VIN # : )

This restoration’s story will be coming soon…

Valentine Coupe

Registry # Owner : Mike Valentine

Year/Model : 1972 BMW 3.0CSi (VIN # : 2261995 )

About this restoration : Mike Valentine has a true passion for BMWs. He commissioned The Werk Shop to create a true gem in this Coupe. Valentine is the designer and manufacturer of the Valentine One radar detector.

Isetta Convertible

Registry #3 Owner : Anderson BMW

Year/Model : 1958 BMW Isetta 300 Convertible (VIN # : 502810 )

About this restoration : Anderson BMW of Crystal Lake, Illinois purchased this little beauty many years ago. They had started the restoration process – took the car apart – painted the shell and had the engine re-built. The dealership then became very busy and the project sat in a storage rack for some years. We


Registry #11 Owner : Salim

Year/Model : 1972 BMW 2002 Targa (VIN # : 2795011 )

About this restoration : Salim is a Doctor in the Dayton, Ohio area. He has had a passion for 2002’s ever since his youth when he saw the cars racing the roads of his native town in Guatemala. Today he has an extensive collection of 02’s and this Targa will be the centerpiece. She came

The Chicken Box

Registry #7 Owner : Alex

Year/Model : 1958 BMW 600 (VIN # : 130935 )

About this restoration : Here’s a project with a really neat story. Alex’s father used this car as a delivery vehicle for his carry out Broasted Chicken store. When the delivery car met its useful end, it was given to 12 year-old Alex and taken to the grandparents farm so he could learn how to

3.0CSL Batmobile

Registry #22 Owner : Jon

Year/Model : 1974 3.0CSL Batmobile (VIN # : 4355020 )

About this restoration : Jon has been a long time BMW fan having driven or owned most of the “M” cars. When he sold his manufacturing company, he decided to begin to assemble a serious BMW car collection. After visiting our shop, the decision was made to find a “Batmobile” and a 2002 Turbo and


Registry # Owner : Mithat

Year/Model : 1987 325e (VIN # : )

This restoration’s story will be coming soon…

BMW 315

Registry # Owner : Michael

Year/Model : 1935 BMW 315 (VIN # : )

This restoration’s story will be coming soon…

Brian’s Red M1

Registry # Owner : Brian

Year/Model : 1980 M1 (VIN # : )

This restoration’s story will be coming soon…